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    There are various forms of expression from which the street artist can choose.

    Graffiti is the traditional, most well-known method. Within graffiti there are:
                tags– quick single-colored signatures
                pieces– elaborate multi-colored designs, which usually
                take up more space and time
                throwups– more complicated than tags, but simpler
                than pieces and usually consisting of only two or three colors.
                                        (more graffiti lingo here)

    Wheatpasting involves taking an image, poster, drawing, etc., and securing it to a wall with a (usually) homemade adhesive composed of flour and water.
    Stickers are just what the name implies- printing images and words onto stickers and subsequently putting them up in various spots. Many people use free postal service labels.
    Stencils are cut out of materials like paper or cardboard, placed against a flat surface and painted over, usually with spray paint.
    Installations are extremely varied, but are generally 3D pieces deliberately placed in public places.


  • jzzy 10:38 pm on January 12, 2009 | #

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