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    This logo best be in your dog stand's window...

    The inaugural post of this blog is aimed at introducing the product and company which paved the way for the Chicago hot dog stand: Vienna Beef.

    The Vienna hot dog first appeared in Chicago when the city hosted its defining 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.  It was two Austria-Hungarian immigrants, Emil Reichel and Sam Ladany who introduced the product.  By 1933, the dog had developed its “salad on top” look which included tomatoes, onions and numerous other fixings.  (For a scientific explanation, see Vienna’s Periodic Table.)  The Chicago-style hot dog was born.

    After decades of popularity growth, the Vienna Beef empire moved to its current location at 2501 N. Damen Ave. in 1972.  The product branched out to Europe and Asia during the 1990s.  Now, Vienna sells pickles, deli meats and chili in addition to its trademark sausage. 

    When asked how many restaurants in the Chicago area are supplied with Vienna products, Jen Washo, the company’s marketing coordinator, could only answer: “A lot.”  However, the supplier has its favorite clients which comprise Vienna’s Hall of Fame.

    Now owned by the Bodman family, Vienna Beef is extremely visible around Chicago.  Aside from supplying restaurants, Vienna Beef participates in the Chicago-hosted National Restaurant Association Show, hosts the annual “Fastest Making Chicago Hot Dog Contest” and holds a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for the longest hot dog made.  (The dog was 37’2”.)

    Washo also explained that Vienna plays a positive role in society.  “Vienna participates in communities across the country by donating to food shelves.”

    Now that the essentials of the iconic symbol behind it are out in the open, one can better understand the Chicago hot dog stand.



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    God! I wish that my exams will be over soon so that I cannot again continue my blogging, missing it very dearly. Pray for my adobe training

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