Unknown City

  • 08:34:15 pm on October 1, 2008 | 1

    I had my first day of volunteering at my nonprofit organization on Friday. It went well and I was lead to believe that we will have a lot of responsibility put on me because, like most nonprofit organizations it is understaffed and going through many employee transitions.

    I was told that I would be involved in planning a benefit and silent auction for the organization that will take place in November. This does not leave me a lot of time to plan, find volunteers, get silent auction items and get a sense of how the organization works. However, because of how fast this is all going to have to come together I think it will be even more enjoyable.

    My biggest concern for the fundraiser is finding funds because the economy is doing so poorly. I am afraid that people will not want to donate or bid on items.



  • culturedcreature 10:54 pm on May 1, 2012 | #

    You got this! Working in the nonprofit sector can be very challenging sometimes and a lot can be placed upon you in short notice.Just take a step back,plan,and press forward.You will be so happy with the end results and with the fact you are doing it for a Good cause 🙂

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