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  • 12:23:33 am on October 12, 2008 | 2

    Well, this is just an observation i made earlier today at another event i attended. Being a journalism major student, and one who is mostly interested in broadcast i noticed that the way that they do the news in different countries is very different. Specifically for women. I know that this isn’t usually what i would normally blog about, but i was wondering if anyone else had ever noticed the same thing. Or anything different than what i did. The event was another Hispanic Heritage Month event, but this time i was helping organize it. I was interviewed by this beautiful Hispanic woman who was wearing the cutest outfit. She was the reporter for the Spanish language news that day. I couldn’t believe the way she was made up, her outfit was really cute, and she had really pretty long hair. I wondered why U.S. stations make their women adapt to the “anchorwoman mold.” Its a huge cultural difference. See for yourselves.
    Latina anchorwoman



  • Rosalyn Dupre 11:51 pm on June 15, 2010 | #

    The latina woman looks awful. Come on, her top is too low, too revealing….that figures, trying to look sexy when she’s supposed to look professional.

    The other countries base their ways of doing things, first, on the way America does, since we are the FIRST ones to give the news. Period. Apparently whoever wrote the blog (above) is not old enough to remember back in the 1950s when America was the ONLY country to have TV period. We’ve been the trendsetters because we were the only ones for so long, and because the other countries came along after us.

    Who is the heck wrote this drivel, anyway, this blog, a 14 year old girl? S/he doesn’t sound like she knows very much about the history of American TV, or the history of our country, Period. And geez, grow up with the low cut dress, will you? Gheesh.

  • olblog08 12:49 am on June 16, 2010 | #

    I wrote this years ago!!! Goodness, I didn’t think people still even checked this… You are correct though. I was only 18 and a freshman in college when this was written. I banged it out in 2 minutes max prob.
    Of course the other countries came after the US in terms of TV… The US had more power, more money, the means, more of everything!!! Unfortunately, my US history is not so great because i grew up in South America. This was just a small observation I made for a class blog because it was something new to me coming from a country where all women are expected to look a certain way… even on the news.
    Fortunately, I’m still and always learning about the US and it’s history and culture. Some of us, on the other hand, should review our geography; “America” refers to all of North, Central, and South America. 🙂

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