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  • 10:54:57 am on October 30, 2008 | 1

    casket-greenA cemetery in Indiana is going green.  The cemetery is staring to use biodegradable caskets.  The caskets are going to be made from bamboo and sea grass.  These caskets are less expensive, more environmentally-friendly, and cost less than $2,000.  One company is using eco-friendly furniture.  This furniture is made from recycled materials such as wood, stone, etc.  The trend of going green has risen greatly over the last year.  This is mainly because people are becoming more aware of the environmental problems we will be facing is something is not done.  Because of this realization, people have researched different ways to be more eco-friendly. Perhaps green vehicles are the most popular fad relating to going green and helping the environment.  There are also many different web sites that are dedicated to going green.  If one uses a search engine, such as Google, they will get thousands of results on how to go green at the office, home, or just in everyday life. Other examples include using water-efficient shower heads, buying certain plants that remove toxins from the air while adding decoration to one’s home, adjusting freezer and fridge temperatures, recycling batteries and other household items that one may no longer have use for, among many, many, many other things. Look for easy ways for you to go green and help the environment!!!


    http://www.google.com — search “going green.”



  • goinggreenreviews 2:32 pm on July 27, 2010 | #

    Did you hear about the guy who wants to make roads and parking lots out of solar panels? It’s true and he already has a prototype that the US Dept. of Transportation paid for with our tax dollars. Great idea- I hope it works!

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