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    Crazy crowd at concert!

    Crazy crowd at concert!

    Or not… They have won several Grammy and Latin Grammy awards, and this past year alone were nominated in six different categories. Originally from Naucalpan, Mexico, Cafe Tacuba has been making music since 1989. Until last night’s concert at the Aragon on Lawrence, i had only heard little about them, and only really knew like 3 songs. The place was ridiculously packed! This band made the people go wild! They played really well, and really knew exactly how to keep the crowd grooving, which is probably the most important factor to a successful concert. Cafe Tacuba’s musical genre is pretty much a big mix of several genres, but they are usually categorized as Rock en Español. All their music is recorded in Spanish, but they were tons of fans of other backgrounds at the concert, which actually surprised me because of the language barrier, but really led me to think how widely known and loved they are. Their music is really good, so no matter what language you speak, you can appreciate for what it is; just good music! I would describe their music as punk-electronica, with a dash of emo, and a sprinkling of Mexico’s folk music. You can definitely tell that their music is influenced by the country they grew up in and the people that inspire it. They play everything from heavier punk to billowy emo songs, to songs that sound like a specific genre of Mexican music called “banda.” Like the video below:

    [youtube http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=DEfaxwK3mn4&feature=related%5D

    I wish i could have dragged a couple of you along, the people were insane. I’m not a big rocker, so i guess i’m just not used to that scene, but the crowd was moshing, and body surfing, and in the middle of the floor they were making a huge circle that looked to me like a washing machine on the spin cycle! CRAZY!!! I really enjoyed the scene, I felt like I was at one of their bigger concerts in their hometown or something. That’s how the people made it feel, because they were such huge fans of the band. For example, the lead singer wears his hats below his eyes and cuts eye holes, and there were a couple people in the crowd who had done the same, but you don’t understand it until you see it. But their music was really good, and the people were really fun. I don’t know what came over me, but i started screaming at the top of my lungs for them like the girl next to me! It was electric, and it was contagious! I beat the crowd last night and left a couple songs early, a little after they played my favorite song which I’ve posted below, just so you could see a bit of their musical spectrum. I think if you’re interested in a new type of music scene, or don’t mind listening to good music you might not understand, you should definitely check out this band’s tunes!

    [youtube http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=RQbVEae9HSI%5D



  • Adrian Luna 1:52 am on December 13, 2011 | #

    while i was moshing to them…..
    my niece was born……
    now she’s 3 and loves Cafe Tacuba!!!!!

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