Unknown City

  • 06:08:55 pm on November 11, 2008 | 1

    For many it has just begun. The realization that Barack Obama, the 44th President Elect will soon take office and with him the hopes and dreams of a nation.

    While it seems that the fight for the White House as ended in victory for an overwhelmellen3ing amount of voters who flocked to polls this election, a new battele is starting. Proposition 8 which would once again ban same sex marriage in California has added a late come fire to a freshly finalized presidential race.

    Although both former candidates steered clear of the touchy topic I can help but see similarities and hypocrisy riddled full withihn the situation. The ban passed in California was also due to an overwhelming voter turnout.

    A vote that came from a predominantly Black and Latino demographic poll statistics dictate. How ironic. Just as the civil liberties of one group seem to be coming into fulfillment with the anniversary of Martin Luther King just past, that those of another group are thwarted by an impressive, previously non-existent voting group. Minorities.



  • rachelpierson 9:44 pm on November 13, 2008 | #

    Yeah I heard about this!! … So does it mean that same-sex marriages that have occured are now annulled??

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