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  • 01:30:46 pm on November 13, 2008 | 0

    Recently, I have been lucky enough to intern for the CNN Chicago Bureau where I’ve had an amazing experience. I was able to work with producers, photojournalists, assignment editors, bureau chiefs, and reporters. I helped develop and produce stories, collect man on street interviews (MOS), and produce reporter live shots. I logged tapes, organized feeding of tape, willingly and happily answered phones, investigated possible stories, and organized the CNN video library. I was a runner for the Presidential Election and attended President Elect Obama’s Press Conference. I am more than grateful for the entire experience.

    Embedded video from CNN Video
    This video was the first televised news hologram done with Wolf Blitzer and Jessica Yellin. Yellin was stationed in Grant Park (Chicago) with the CNN Express Bus. I did not get to help with this project, but I was happy to be apart of the team when CNN made history.

    Embedded video from CNN Video
    This video is a package by reporter, Susan Roesgen. My job for this package was to pull video tape from the CNN library which they would use in this package. Also I was sent out to Skokie with photojournalist, Chris Davis, to interview the rabbi for this package. Susan gave me a general set of questions and I took it from there. Once the interview was done, I had to pick out three SOT’s (sound bytes) that I felt were newsworthy for Susan’s package. Chris and I quickly feed the tape to Atlanta where the package was successfully edited in time for air.

    Embedded video from CNN Video
    This video is an interview with Wolf Blitzer and Robert Gibbs, Obama Senior Advisor. Gibbs was stationed in the CNN/MSNBC Pool room at the Hyatt in Chicago. I was able to help with these interviews all day to make sure they went smooth.

    Embedded video from CNN Video
    CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux reports in Chicago. This is another example of what I was able to help out with.

    I was stationed with Fuzz Hogan, CNN Chicago’s Bureau Chief, and Stephanie Kotuby, Senior Editorial Producer for The Situation Room, for most of the Election Coverage. Hogan and Kotuby were able to blog their experience throughout the CNN Election Coverage.




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