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                Especially in San Francisco, many companies are going green. And realizing that is definitely paying off.  Technology companies, financial service companies, energy companies, retail companies, and manufacturing companies are all going green in order to better help the environment. 

                SunPower (STI), Sierra Nevada Brewing, Patagonia, Ikea, Nike (NKE), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), UPS (UPS), Yahoo (YHOO) and others are going green mainly on their work sites.  Arnold Schwarzenegger announced this at a recent news conference featuring CEO’s that are environmentally friendly. 

                Perhaps one of the major changes in there companies is encouraging employees to communicate via computers so save the paper resources.  Also because of this, millions of dollars has recently been saved in gas and real estate over the past six years. 

                “Fireman’s Fund Insurance offers its commercial customers insurance policies promising their property, if destroyed by fire or disaster, will be rebuilt using green materials, heating and lighting.”

                This is a big deal for everybody because as each company begins to go green or “greener,” they teach the world how to as well.  If everybody does a little, a lot can be saved in resources.  One article even suggests the competitors are following the “green” ways of their competition in hopes that people will notice them and respect the fact that they are being so environmentally friendly. 


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    casket-greenA cemetery in Indiana is going green.  The cemetery is staring to use biodegradable caskets.  The caskets are going to be made from bamboo and sea grass.  These caskets are less expensive, more environmentally-friendly, and cost less than $2,000.  One company is using eco-friendly furniture.  This furniture is made from recycled materials such as wood, stone, etc.  The trend of going green has risen greatly over the last year.  This is mainly because people are becoming more aware of the environmental problems we will be facing is something is not done.  Because of this realization, people have researched different ways to be more eco-friendly. Perhaps green vehicles are the most popular fad relating to going green and helping the environment.  There are also many different web sites that are dedicated to going green.  If one uses a search engine, such as Google, they will get thousands of results on how to go green at the office, home, or just in everyday life. Other examples include using water-efficient shower heads, buying certain plants that remove toxins from the air while adding decoration to one’s home, adjusting freezer and fridge temperatures, recycling batteries and other household items that one may no longer have use for, among many, many, many other things. Look for easy ways for you to go green and help the environment!!!


    http://www.google.com — search “going green.”

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                There are many different aspects of Halloween that can me incorporated into going green.  Since Halloween is a holiday that people all over the United States celebrate, every single person can follow certain rules that can make this holiday more economically friendly. 

                For example, people can only purchase candy where the makers use recycled packaging among other things.  Some of the environmentally friendly candy include Yummy Earth, Trader Joes brand candy, and Pure Fun brands. 

    “Whether or not the product does what it says it’s going to do, what kind of packaging it comes in, what the durability of it is and really what the company is trying to do to make the world as a whole more environmentally-friendly,” said Aimee Heilbrunn, co-founder according to ABC7 Chicago News.

    There is also a website that contains names of organic candy that could be passed out on Halloween.  The website is http://www.ecosceneinc.com.

    People can also help the economy by making their own Halloween costumes by using old clothing they do not wear anymore as material for a custom made costume.  The good thing about this is that you will not have to worry about showing up at a Halloween party and having the same costume as several other people! 

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    Suffer from asthma? Know somebody who does? For all of the people who are pro-green, a new concept is being introduced in the world of pharmaceuticals.  Though they say the medicine inside the inhalers is going to stay exactly the same, there is going to be some minor changes in the way the medicine is pushed out of the cylinder. According to ABC7Chicago News, “Ozone damaging chlorofluorocarbons of CFCs are being replaced with the more environmentally friendly alternative hydrofluorolkanes of HFAs.” Maureen Damitz of Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago thinks this is a large transition and that they are not ready for it.  She also fears that even though the medication is going to stay the same, it is going to be slightly altered because of the new environmentally-friendly packaging.  This is going to effect many people living in Chicago mainly because of the amount of pollution and allergens–this leads to more people having asthma or asthma-related symptoms.  People may also be “iffy” towards the new inhalers believing that they are slightly different due to the altercation.  It is also stated that the new inhalers clog easily and need to be pumped several times before it works.  This can be a big problem for somebody who depends on the medication and needs it to live.  The last thing somebody wants to do when they are “gasping for air” is try to get the inhaler to work properly. On a brighter note, hop efully the transition will be as friendly to asthma sufferers as it will be to the environment.

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    There are many things people can do to help the environment.  However, people do not know that even the smallest deeds can help the environment.  There are also large things a person can do to help the environment.  A few small things people can do is recycle, bicycle ride instead of using their car whenever possible, be more cautious when using natural resources, become more educated on techniques to help preserve the environment.  There are many other large things people are doing in order to help the environment.  For instance, buying supplies in bulk can save money and also save resources since they do not use as much packaging when items are bought in bulk.  Also, trading in a gasoline driven car for an electric car, also known as a hybrid, can save a lot of money as well as natural resources—such as oil (gasoline).  There are multiple sources one can turn to that help guide people in living a “greener” lifestyle.  Not only can going green be easy and helpful, it has become one of the largest fads in the past few years.  In other words, be fashionable just by going green!!!

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    Project Runway uses recycled material…why not popular stores on Michigan Avenue?  Going green is becoming more and more fashionable on a daily basis. These interesting numbers are designed by students from the area and well-known designers.  Everything is weather-proof which leads to my next point.  What are people going to do with them once they get them?  They are not necessarily made to be worn but can be.  They are great at adding a little something extra to gardens and other on-display places.  One dress is made from tarp and paint.  Another dress is sponsored by Northwestern and is made out of recycled wire and placemats.  One “very sharp” dress is made of recycled springs and fan blades.  The last interesting piece of clothing is made from recycled 7-Up bottles and wire.  These interesting works of art are being auctioned off on e-Bay.  The concept is great; however, it only makes one wonder how comfortable a dress made out of fan blades can actually be.  Nonetheless, I give them an “A” for effort and creativity.



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    The Giving Tree Band is working just as hard at their music as they are at keeping the environment as healthy and green as possible.  He local band is concentrating on their music while keeping in mind what they can do in order to keep the environment in a good condition.  The folk music band with a rock ‘n’ roll twist was started by two brothers.  Some steps the band has taken in order to keep the environment green:

                -Planted 10 trees in order to handle the shipping and handling of their new CD.


                -They recorded their first CD using renewable energy and recycled materials.


                -Recorded their album at the first certified carbon neutral building.


                -The artwork on the CD is made using soybeans.


                -They used environmental friendly cellophane made by corn to pack their CD’s.


    -Their tour bus runs on bio-diesel and they hope to eventually make it run on

    recycled vegetable oil.


    They band believes “going green” is not a competition they just find it to be a great way to keep the environment healthy while doing what they love.  They are also developing new ways in the music business to help keep the environment safe and healthy.  This is a great way to promote music—especially to those who are extremely conscious about the environment. 


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    It is apparent that the entire reason “going green” has become such a large issue is due to global warming and the effects global warming brings along—free of charge.  While watching the vice presidential debate on Thursday, Palin and Biden covered their views on global warming and what they plan on doing if they win the election in the very near future.  Both parties have strong feelings towards global warming—that is definitely something they did NOT disagree on.  Starting off with the Republicans: McCain wants to put a cap on carbon emissions.  Since the our country has become energy independent, fuel has been conserved in order to clean up the planet.  When it comes to domestic energy sources, McCain and Palin’s view can be simplified into three small words: “Drill, baby, drill!”  Palin also made sure to inform the American public about a recent comment made by Biden which “went against” the building of clean coal plants.  Now the Democrats: Obama and Biden believe that global warming is a problem that is “man-made.”  Without knowing what is causing the problem, it is impossible to actually go ahead and solve the problem.  Biden stated that we as a country need to invest in renewing energy and clean coal while supporting countries like China.  Biden believes it is one of our duties to help China clean up their coal plants.  Biden also was very clear in stating that drilling is not the best way to start out at fixing the unfortunate situation America has at hand.  With that being said, it is now up to American’s to vote on which side brings up better points at solving the issue of global warming. 



    Palin: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2008/08/29/palin_not_convinced_on_global.html

    Biden: http://the.virginianfederalist.com/2008/10/biden-at-debate-global-warming-is.html







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    recycleBeing such a large city, it is difficult for Chicago to stay “green.”  Particularly because of the amount of trash that is thrown out on a daily basis—and the unfortunate part is that a lot of that trash can be recycled.  DePaul University has taken a few extra steps to encourage recycling.  The opening of the garbage cans have a printed label asking “is that recyclable?”  They have also taken the initiative by setting up glass, plastic, and paper recycling cans in the hopes that students dispose of trash in proper receptacles. 

                Chicago has gone as far as having a City of Chicago Center for Green Technology.  Based on the website, this organization “helps professionals and homeowners learn how green technology is cost-effective and good for the environment and people.” 

                Some websites have even gone as far as criticizing and complimenting Mayer Daley for his “green-ness.”  “Although it’s a bit too soon to dub him America’s “Environmental Mayor,” he has moved forward with some spectacular and innovative environmental successes.”  Props to Mayer Daley.

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    go-green“Green” seems to be the color of the not just the season, but the year.  “Going green” seems to be a topic on everybody’s mind.  Along with “going green” companies and individual people alike are experimenting with new ways to help the environment.  People have gone as far as making clothing out of recycled plastic—and believe me, you cannot even tell the difference!  There is even more emphasis on “going green” in a big city because there is a greater amount of non-recycled waste judging by the population of such a large city.  Personally, I have noticed the ratio of bike riders go up dramatically over the past few years.  Perhaps this is also why the percent of bike/car related accidents has gone up as well.  The fear of necessary resources no longer being readily available to the general public is one major reason why many people have started living “greener lives.”  People are becoming more and more disciplined when it comes to recycling however; there is still a great amount of people who still do not recycle.  I remember hearing a story about a girl who works in a salon.  Though they only use earth-friendly products, the salon still fails to recycle the empty bottles.  Think about how many other businesses aren’t recycling necessary waste.  It only makes one wonder how much longer we will have necessary products around for our use.  According to a recycling facts website, if every newspaper was recycled, we could save 250,000,000 trees a year—and that’s a heck of a lot of wood!