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  • 12:21:14 am on November 12, 2008 | 0 | # |

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygddTpNG0EA%5D

    I sat down with a DePaul student who explained to me why she voted the way she did.


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    Congrats to Phillies fans out there on an impressive season that ended with a World Series. But in the meantime there was some action with the White Sox.

    On Tuesday the Southsiders added second baseman Jayson Nix to a minor league deal. I think this stirs up the pot a little bit at second base, with Getz now having to look over his shoulder. I still believe that something big could happen at the “4” spot on peoples’ score cards. MLB Trade Rumors doesn’t think much about it.

    Today the White Sox declined options of both Toby Hall and Ken Griffey Jr. Junior is not much of a surprise seeing as how he is to earn $14 mil if they decided to pick up his option. Hall was a little more of a surprise but we can’t rule out that a Sox return; just not for $2.5 million.

    Southside Sox pays their tributes to Hall.

    Sox Machine talks about Alexei Ramirez’s season.

    A video interview with Beachwood Reporter’s Ricky O’Donnell will be available once I get my camera properly working. Expect that in the next few days.

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    I know there are a few Phillies and Rays fans out there, but in reality, this post-season needs to get over so I can chat about something more relevant. Anyway, Tribune writer Mark Gonzales wrote an interesting review on the Sox offseason moves. Big notes about this say Juan Uribe and Toby Hall should be resigned while Cabrera, Griffey and Crede should not be pursued. He also mentioned a deal sending Paul Konerko to the Angels in exchange for Chone Figgins. While it would free up cap space, in order for that to go through the Angels would not be able to re-obtain Mark Teixeira. I don’t think that deal with Figgins is likely because Chone has entirely more value that an aging Paul.

    Southside Sox shows that the Sox offense was the most one-demential in baseball.

    Sox Machine explains that Figgins, Garrett Atkins and Willy Taveras are the three guys GM Kenny Williams needs go attempt to get.

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    With the World Series kicking off, there is little to talk about on the off-season front for the White Sox. But as many know there are plenty of blogs that have Sox information coming out of the sites 24-7.

    Southside Sox reports that the Sox are clearing up some roster space. This could be seen as good news that a move may be on the way, but I could just be getting excited for no reason. They outrighted Jason Bourgeois, Donny Lucy and Paul Phillips and demoted Andrew Sisco to AAA.

    Sox Machine goes into realistic potential signees this offseason. Not too many surprises to anybody paying attention, but Orlando Hudson or Mark Ellis head this list.

    Meanwhile State of the Sox, a Sox Machine spinoff has gone into hibernation, and Life in the Cell didn’t make it to October. Nice try though.

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    So the Sox were defeated last night to MLB’s U-28 allstar team, a loss that ended their season. With the end of the year comes a re-alignment of the lineup. Below is a little breakdown of what the squad could look like come next year.

    Catcher- It doesn’t look like there is any doubt with the catcher spot, AJ should be behind the dish in ’09.

    1B- The Sox may look to unload on Konerko and his no-trade-clause and get younger, either by going after a pitcher or a second baseman. Swish could fill a temporary void.

    2B- Alexei will most likely be moving to short and a new 2B could be coming in. Speed probably would help the Sox cause. Maybe Brian Roberts or Orlando Hudson??

    3B- Expect Josh Fields to fill in at the hot corner, with The Sox having to pick up Uribe’s option whether they like it or not. Joe Crede is as good as gone and will be signed for way more than what he is worth by some club that will believe in his potential when not hurt.

    OF- Quinten is really the only sure thing as for outfielders on the Sox. Griffey is owed $10 mil if an option is picked up and that looks unliekly. Dye may be dealt for pitching. And who knows with Brian Anderson and Dewayne Wise.

    For pitching, check out Thursday’s post.

    MLB Trade Rumors breaks this down in a little more detail.

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    Alright I am going to attempt to give a quick two-minute guide to the Sox-Rays matchup that begins this afternoon. As many know, the Sox squeezed into the playoffs while the Rays dazzled, electrified, and more than anything, stunned the baseball world.
    At the same time though, this is probably the best matchup the Sox could hope for in the first round. The Rays are young inexperienced and will most likely be without aging closer Troy Percival.
    Like all postseason series, the game should come down almost entirely to pitching. While the Rays have a very solid 1-2 punch, the Sox have a pretty balanced 1-4 rotation.

    Game 1- James Shields v. Javy Vasquez
    No doubt in my mind Javy lays another egg and doesn’t show any emotion. It will only be a matter of how short a leash Ozzie gives him before bringing in Richard. Shields has pitched one inning since September 23 though and the rust could show, but I would rather have that than a guy who has pretty much admitted he doesn’t care.
    Game 1 pitching matchup winner: Shields

    Game 2- Scott Kazmir v. Mark Buerhle
    A matchup of the young hard-throwing, up-and-coming strikeout king in Kazmir, against the aging, “put the ball in play”, big-game Buerhle. This could really go either way, and while there is probably a higher percentage of Mark getting shelled, he has been here before and Kaz hasn’t.
    Game 2 pitching matchup winner: Buerhle

    Game 3- Matt Garza v. John Danks
    Two young hard-throwers go head-to-head in game 3. I think Danks will continue to dazzle while Garza will not be ready for Comiskey and Sox hitters.
    Game 3 pitching matchup winner: Danks

    Game 4- Andy Sonnanstine v. Gavin Floyd
    Nobody deserves a no-hitter in baseball more than Floyd, and in game 4, it happens. Even if he doesn’t, he is the clear-cut favorite to win this matchup.
    Game 4 pitching matchup winner: Floyd

    Game 5- Shields v. Buerhle
    If the series goes four games, I give the Sox the edge, but if the Sox have to travel back to Tampa, they will be in a lot of trouble. TB has the best home-winning percentage this year. While the matchup is pretty good, I just don’t like the Sox chances.
    Game 5 pitching matchup winner: Shields

    For more information on this topic, check out Top Ten Chicago Sports, for all your Chicago sports info.

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    Well the post below pretty much explained the excitement looming on the South Side. The entire city might be in for a treat for the next week or so. For the first time since 1906, both the Sox and Cubs will play in the Fall Classic. But while mathematical chances are high for one team to make the World Series, the reality is, the chances of both making the World Series is rather slim (23-1 according to Bodog.com). As much as it pains me to say this, for as clear-cut favorites as the Cubs are to represent the NL in WS, the Sox are the exact opposite. But it’s not just because I don’t think the Sox are good enough, the other teams are just better. Below are my first ever postseason power rankings.

    1. Angels 2. Cubs 3. Red Sox 4. Rays 5. White Sox 6. Brewers 7. Phillies 8. Dodgers (If Ben Sheets was healthy, Milwaukee would be #5).

    Based on my always-reliable rankings (right?) one will immediately notice that while the Sox are at #5, the other three AL teams are in front of them. Meanwhile, the Cubs could really not have an easier trip and it is fairly obvious as to why they are 3-1 favorites to win the World Series.

    For more information on the Sox/Rays series, stay tuned for Thursday’s post where previews pitching matchups and the whole shbang will be broken down in a few hundred words.

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    As many know the White Sox are in the heat of the playoff race. Last night the Twins defeated the South Siders 3-2 in a very upsetting, yet typical, Metrodome loss. The Sun-Times Joe Cowley talked to a few members of the team after the game including manager Ozzie Guillen, who had unfriendly words to the Twins pitcher that dominated his ball club hours earlier. While Ozzie does mention that there was no timely hitting, it is something we have seen all too much this year. I think Bobby Stompy of Tremendous Upside Potential has summed up our feelings on this AL Central rivalry best.