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  • 09:39:22 pm on November 13, 2008 | 1 | # |

    I’m beginning to realize exactly what blogging means. It is different for each individual. In class today we reviewed many very different blogs– some strictly informative, a form of newsfeed; others are much more journal-like and describe their lives and schedules; while others are attempting to change the world, change things they dont believe can occur by putting their cause in a newspaper. Blogging, in fact, allows for the writer to insist that the reader enters their world. I end this semester with a greater understanding and appreciation for these internet writers.


  • 11:25:58 pm on November 10, 2008 | 0 | # |

    The long nights of homework and extending hours of practice have finally caught up to me. We started practice last night at 5 pm. About 30 min into the practice, I started feeling light-headed and queezy. Being a Division I athlete, I decided to fight through it and continue with practice. 2.5 hours later, I was laying on the floor of the training room, surrounded by police officers and paramedics. My hands, face, neck, and feet were numb and completely white. I was having trouble seeing and couldn’t catch my breathe. This was after I had already blacked-out and nearly fell off a training room bed I was laying on, and before I arrived at the emergency room. I was there until 12:30 am and then spent all of today with doctors and trainers, only to find out that I was severly dehydrated and lacking some nutritional necessities. Like the doctor told me:: “It’s all bound to catch up to you”


  • 11:15:36 pm on November 7, 2008 | 1 | # |

    Sorry, I posted this on my page yesterday… thought I posted it on here too, but I guess not!

    We have a black President!! Every member of the DePaul Womens Basketball team was forced by our coach to vote:a vote that affected our future; a vote that gave us a voice. Every coach player and manager proudly voted. All but one person were for Obama… But nonetheless we were all a part of history. Some anxiously watched on tv as the electoral votes shifted, while others arrived at Grant Park as soon as practice was over. We watched Obama’s acceptance first hand. History. Future. Present. They were all overwhelmingly apparent.

  • 10:03:17 pm on November 4, 2008 | 0 | # |

    The season is a long journey,filled with ups and downs, triumphant returns and upsetting let-downs. We had our first game last friday against NAIA St. Xavier. It was an interesting experience, because every year there is a new team, with each new player added. Now we have to face fatigue before even having an official game.
    One of the girls, China Threat, head-butted another teammate during practice 2 weeks ago and broke her cheekbone. She had surgery a few days ago and is already starting non-contact play once more. Injuries can plague a team, but hopefully that is not a problem for us this year.
    Our next exhibition game is friday, at 5:30 pm. Hope to see you all there.

  • 10:33:30 am on October 31, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Today is the day! Our first exhibition game! It is a completely new team, with a new dynamic. We have only been having “official practice” for the past two weeks, and with 5 freshmen under our belts, we shall see what this year could possibly have in store. We play St. Xavier, an NAIA school that you can never underestimate. They have nothing to lose and we have everything. The game is on campus at 7 pm tonight!!! Make sure you come to the game! Students get in for free.

  • 11:12:08 pm on October 28, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Reality shows are definitely thriving these days, filling our minds with needless, yet addictive, reality game and dating shows.  I think it would be a great idea for some network to create a reality show for either a professional sports team or a collegiate sports team.  To follow the athletes around.  This could include basketball, rugby, even something that we (as a society) dont know a lot about, water polo. 

    When researching the sports reality shows that have even been considered, I found more sites about the sports of gambling and beauty pagents than anything sports-related.  Im advising something more athletic.  I would be extremely interested in watching a reality series covering a professional men’s basketball team…. maybe that’s just an athlete’s point of view.

  • 04:27:38 pm on October 23, 2008 | 0 | # |

    I love to play ball.  Basketball.  It’s my dream; my passion; my love for the salt dripping down my face in liquid formation; my love for the wet sound the net makes when the ball slides between the pieces of white rope.

    It wouldn’t be basketball without the puss-filled, white blisters left behind after practice, or the water-colder-than-the deepest-part-of-the-Atlantic-ice bathe.  The constant clicking of tired joints and the sudden harsh pains that attack with little warning and even less empathy is proof of the love I possess.  The surgeries; the time; the holidays missed with family are more proofs that are unnecessary to explain.

    My passion consists of echoes and squeeks atop wooden floors.  The lonliness that can be found when practicing by myself will never be felt during a game.

    Lights. Camera. Action.

    Butterflies are eatting away at the pit of my stomach.  That liquid salt sticks to my jersey, making the silky cloth seem transparent.  My enlarged muscles twitch.  Feet ache.  The buzzer attacks my eardrums, telling me: It is the beginning.

  • 01:05:34 pm on October 20, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Finding time to anything these days is crucial.  Official practice started Saturday and has definitely kicked off, making our schedules seem endless.  But our coach decided to add some community service to the workload as well.  Once splitting the team into groups of three, the coaching staff threw us out into the world to find 2 hours of service to spend anywhere in Chicago.  My group raised a little over $200 while at the Lincoln Park Campus to send into an organization for breast cancer.  Other groups involved themselves in everything from cleaning up a local lake to making phone calls for the Obama campaign. 

    This week, our objective is to meet and introduce ourselves to individuals around the athletic center that do all the little things for us- things we take for granted.  Being a part of this basketball team has definitely made me a better person!

  • 05:15:30 pm on October 14, 2008 | 0 | # |

    Minimal amounts of shampoo, toothpaste, and lotion are being used.

    Tanning subscriptions are being cancelled.

    Weekend trips to the club are being exchanged for weekend trips to any “free-cover” establishment.

    Healthier meals at Subway or Whole Foods are being substituted for the greasy Cafe food.

    Times are ‘a changin’.

    With the economy on a downward tilt, everyone is lifting up their couch cushions for a few coins these days, but my personal experience has to do with my team– the changes I see that have occurred with no pre-conceived warning.

    The DePaul Women’s Basketball team receives $20 per week, as a part of our scholarship.  That $20 used to be placed aside for most of the players for their weekends– consisting of eating out, movies, even the clubs, whatever the individual decided was to be their entertainment.  Today, however, the $20 is most likely to be put towards any type of necessity.  For some, that means shampoo and conditioner, for others that may be a weekly stop to Dominicks.  Some even put it towards their laundry. 

    The most drastic pocket book change came from one of my teammates, Taylor Pikes.  She is the epitome of cool… she buys herself a new pair of kicks seemingly every week, and only has the newest phones attached to her hip (she has already bought 3 since the new year started).  Still, her spending habits are diminishing and I actually saw her wear the same pair of shoes 3 times last week- a no-no in her book.  Last week, when we went to retrieve our weekly cash, she said it was “time to start saving”.  This, coming from her was shocking. 

    “Saving?”  I asked.

    “Yeah, for the future.  I have to get groceries tomorrow and this is what I’m gonna have to use.”

    First of all, I was not sure how many groceries she was going to be able to buy with a measly $20, but I understood where she was coming from.

    Another teammate, who will remain nameless has a much more humble story.  She spends all of her money that she gets on the necessities of life- passing when being asked to attend any entertainment that will cost her.  She does not have parents to even help her with extra spending money and is literally playing collegiate basketball for an education.  Because of the sport she hasn’t the opportunity to work either… so that $20 means the world to her.

    What would $20 a week mean to you?

  • 11:10:53 am on October 8, 2008 | 1 | # |

    It is only 10:40 am and my day has had enough exercise to fulfill a month of most people’s workouts.  I got up this morning (at 5:15am) to go to my 6 am lifting session (which was an intense hour of squats, hang cleans, good mornings, weighted jumps…). 

    Then we went downstairs, to the gym, to use up another 40 minutes of conditioning.  For those who dont know what “conditioning” is, and I know there are some of you out there- conditioning is running: sprints; bleachers; miles; long and short distance running.  It is a horrible experience, especially early in the morning. 

    The gym has a cold hue, and once the winter really kicks off, there will be times I will be able to see my breathe.  My skin has covered itself in prickly goosebumps and my mouth has gone dry with anticipation.  Some of the girls on the team are still wiping away their eye crusties when Bryce, our strenghth and conditioning coach, instructs for us to line up on the baseline.  Nothing is worse than watching Bryce glance down at his little piece of paper, that he has scribbled what sprint exercises we will perform, and see him smirk and give a slight chuckle. 

    It is those moments that make me wonder why I do this:  The moment that my teammate goes to touch the line with her foot and tears her ACL; The moment that I see one of my teammates hyperventilating or throwing up in the bathroom; The moment I feel like my body hates me and hates what I am doing to it.

      Oh, but the morning is not over yet.  We still have at least 30 minutes of defensive-stance left.  We do this because our coach, Doug Bruno, a nationally-recognized, history-making coach decided that we need to improve our defense.  So the remaining half-hour is designated to bending our knees, lowering our butts to the floor, and moving around the hard wooden floor in defensive stance, occasionally adding some sprints between slides. 

    Maybe now you can understand why student-athletes question their want and yearns for the game they participate in.  But after it’s all done and I’ve changed out of my sweaty clothes, gone upstairs to the athletic-academic center, scoot my chair up to a desk that has “why am I here” etched into the side, I realize how Title IX has allowed women to accomplish what was never even dreamt of 40 years ago.  We are allowed to participate in collegiate sports!  Colleges give women’s sports money too!  I am not forced to where a skirt and/or dress when I play ball. 

    I am truly blessed to be able to get up at 6 am and do what we accomplished this morning!  We, as women, have much to be thankful for because our mothers were no allowed to accomplish what we do today.

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