Project Runway uses recycled material…why not popular stores on Michigan Avenue?  Going green is becoming more and more fashionable on a daily basis. These interesting numbers are designed by students from the area and well-known designers.  Everything is weather-proof which leads to my next point.  What are people going to do with them once they get them?  They are not necessarily made to be worn but can be.  They are great at adding a little something extra to gardens and other on-display places.  One dress is made from tarp and paint.  Another dress is sponsored by Northwestern and is made out of recycled wire and placemats.  One “very sharp” dress is made of recycled springs and fan blades.  The last interesting piece of clothing is made from recycled 7-Up bottles and wire.  These interesting works of art are being auctioned off on e-Bay.  The concept is great; however, it only makes one wonder how comfortable a dress made out of fan blades can actually be.  Nonetheless, I give them an “A” for effort and creativity.