The Giving Tree Band is working just as hard at their music as they are at keeping the environment as healthy and green as possible.  He local band is concentrating on their music while keeping in mind what they can do in order to keep the environment in a good condition.  The folk music band with a rock ‘n’ roll twist was started by two brothers.  Some steps the band has taken in order to keep the environment green:

            -Planted 10 trees in order to handle the shipping and handling of their new CD.


            -They recorded their first CD using renewable energy and recycled materials.


            -Recorded their album at the first certified carbon neutral building.


            -The artwork on the CD is made using soybeans.


            -They used environmental friendly cellophane made by corn to pack their CD’s.


-Their tour bus runs on bio-diesel and they hope to eventually make it run on

recycled vegetable oil.


They band believes “going green” is not a competition they just find it to be a great way to keep the environment healthy while doing what they love.  They are also developing new ways in the music business to help keep the environment safe and healthy.  This is a great way to promote music—especially to those who are extremely conscious about the environment.